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Multitrack Mixing

All beat files and vocal files separated
Master your mix before release

Audio Mastering




Upload the full stereo mix at 24-bit or 32-bit wav

  • Improve definition, clarity, space, loudness, and the overall experience to meet industry high quality standards

  • 3 revisions included [$25 per revision]

  • High quality mastered wav file

  • Delivery time based on scheduled date, mix complexity and once full payment is received

  • Dropbox link for download provided after full payment confirmation

Why mastering with us?

We take a different approach to the engineering process. Analyzing the source provided and taking the necessary steps to enhance it in order to meet our high quality standards. We don’t crush the dynamics in order to get the loudest master ever, but instead we’ll make it dynamic, punchy, as loud as it can be without loosing perspective of genre and style, we prioritize on improving your mix without loosing whats already there.

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