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Multitrack Mixing

All beat files and vocal files separated
All beat files and vocal files separated

Multitrack Mixing




Upload up to 256 mono or stereo tracks per song.

  • Mixing and mastering in-session to achieve definition, clarity, space, loudness, and the overall experience to meet industry high quality standards

    • Audio editing, timing adjustments, tuning, cleanup clicks, pops and noises

      • Unlimited revisions

        • Main mix and clean version included

        • High quality mastered wav file

        • Live performance stems are not included [$30 per song, up to 8 stems]

      • Individual tracks mixed are not included [Add-on session @$60/hour] Based on number of tracks and song duration

    • Delivery time based on scheduled date, mix complexity and once full payment is received

  • Dropbox link for download provided after full payment confirmation

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